1. Tian Tian Xiang Shang - Hardware

    I start developing our own firmware implementation of smartcard reader.

    Smartcard reader is a small computer which interfaces smartcard and host computer.

    Although it is obvious to abuse it for MITM attack (since it is the device in the middle, by its definition), some people have tendency excluding such a …

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  2. Installing Debian Buster

    New Notebook PC from ShenZhen, China

    Jumper EZbook 3 Pro

    Because keyboard of Acer C720 Chromebook became broken (perhaps due to my bringing it for travels), I bought Jumper EZbook 3 Pro this week in 2019. My choice was more physically-robust computer.

    I installed Debian Buster (now "testing") to this machine. It took a …

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  3. Flying Stone Tiny 01SZ Test Plan

    We need to specify a test plan to manufacture a board. In order to encourage designing and manufacturing by yourselves, we show our test plan for Flying Stone Tiny 01SZ here.

    This makes the reproducibility better, I suppose.

    In my opinion, free hardware design should have a test plan to …

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  4. Flying Stone Tiny 01 revision SZ

    Today, I have another revision "SZ", where "SZ" stands for "ShenZhen".

    Minimalist design and the philosophy of "keep it simple stupid" are same. You see, this is important to minimize possible attack surface.

    Update is required for three reasons:

    • USB A connector is considered difficult thing these days

      USB A …

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