1. Installing Debian Wheezy (snapshot) as of 20120828 to Kuro Sheeva

    Two machines of Kuro Sheeva got broken this summer (by power supply unit problem ).

    For new machine (which bought in 2010), I installed Debian Wheezy (snapshot).

    I use 32GB SD card for secondary storage and use USB memory for installer.

    Basically, it went well (except /etc/inittab entry).

    Update U-boot …

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  2. Sheeva1 server installation

    Finally, I successfully run Kuro Sheeva with eSATA drive.

    I use the enclosure of GW3.5AA-SUE by Kurouto Shikou. The capability of this enclosure is 1.5Gbps. Perhaps, this might be the cause of troubles.

    Successfull combination

    • Kuro Sheeva
    • Enclosure: GW3.5AA-SUE
    • Disk: ST3750640AS
    • U-boot: 1.1.4 + 3.4 …
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  3. Sheeva1 server setup

    After successful installation of Debian Squeeze, I configure the server.

    Then, I found an issue for networking.

    The setup process is basically similar to Sheeva0 server setup.

    But for this machine, I use existing pre-installed SD card for installation of Debian Squeeze. When I create rootfs, I copy the contents …

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