1. Installing Debian Bookworm

    Second-hand PC, Dell Optilex

    I installed Debian Bookworm to this machine. It took a half of day.

    I use USB Bloutooth Dongle of 0a12:0001 for the machine.

    Comments on Bookworm

    Mostly, the installation procedure and the configuration for Bookworm was as same as my installation of Buster.

    In the …

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  2. Installing Debian Buster

    New Notebook PC from ShenZhen, China

    Jumper EZbook 3 Pro

    Because keyboard of Acer C720 Chromebook became broken (perhaps due to my bringing it for travels), I bought Jumper EZbook 3 Pro this week in 2019. My choice was more physically-robust computer.

    I installed Debian Buster (now "testing") to this machine. It took a …

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  3. Installing Debian Stretch

    Another (somewhat not new) notebook PC of mine

    I got Acer C720 Chromebook this year (2017).

    Since it is a good opportunity, I install Debian Stretch (now "testing") to this machine. It took a half of day (including replacing SDD and BIOS, preparation of USB memory for installation, as well …

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