1. Installing Debian Buster

    New Notebook PC from ShenZhen, China

    Jumper EZbook 3 Pro

    Because keyboard of Acer C720 Chromebook became broken (perhaps due to my bringing it for travels), I bought Jumper EZbook 3 Pro this week in 2019. My choice was more physically-robust computer.

    I installed Debian Buster (now "testing") to this machine. It took a …

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  2. Installing Debian Stretch

    Another (somewhat not new) notebook PC of mine

    I got Acer C720 Chromebook this year (2017).

    Since it is a good opportunity, I install Debian Stretch (now "testing") to this machine. It took a half of day (including replacing SDD and BIOS, preparation of USB memory for installation, as well …

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  3. 大統一Debian勉強会 2013 (gumdebianjp2013)

    • 日時: 2013/06/29(土) (そのうちGnuPG BoFは 13:30〜14:00)
    • 会場: 日本大学 駿河台キャンパス
    • 運営: 「大統一Debian勉強会」実行委員会
    • 参加人数: 100+名
    • 実行委員長: 岩松 信洋

    GnuPG BOF

    大統一Debian勉強会2013に参加し、アンカンファレンス形式での集まりで、GnuPG BoFを開催しました。



    • 本の話: Philip R. Zimmermann, The official PGP user's guide, MIT Press, 1995
      • ラオックスコンピュータ館で当時、見た。OCRでスキャンを想定した出版物。
    • 本の話: Simson …
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  4. Installing Debian Wheezy (snapshot) as of 20120828 to Kuro Sheeva

    Two machines of Kuro Sheeva got broken this summer (by power supply unit problem ).

    For new machine (which bought in 2010), I installed Debian Wheezy (snapshot).

    I use 32GB SD card for secondary storage and use USB memory for installer.

    Basically, it went well (except /etc/inittab entry).

    Update U-boot …

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