1. Pelican について

    このサイト(www.gniibe.org)は pelican を使った static HTML で serve するようにしました。

    この稿では Pelican について紹介します。

    Pelican はPython で書かれた …

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  2. Caching Tool and WSGI app

    I found that Caching Tool does nothing for applications attached by cherrypy.tree.gfaft (in CherryPy 3.1.2).

    When log.screen configuration is True, CherryPy usually emits log to standard output. It's like: - - [13/Apr/2011:16:58:19] "GET /memo HTTP/1.1" 200 …
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  3. Table sorting with JavaScript

    I am implimenting 'Download' page for www.gniibe.org. I want to support sorting by date, by size, or by name (locally).

    I found that JavaScript Library named libjs-extjs in Debian. I found the maintainer of this package is Thomas Goirand, whom I met in Ho Chi Minh City last …

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  4. CherryPy Static Tool with Caching Tool

    I wrote a bug report to cherrypy-devel.

    Already, I have my own fix inn Unguent.

    Here is the report for the recored.

    I found that using Static Tool with Caching Tool doesn't work well,
    in some situations.
    I am using version 3.1.2, and checked the code in the …
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