1. Installing More Packages

    I install more packages to do the work for my sites.

    packages to maintain www.gniibe.org

    I install following packages to maintain www.gniibe.org.

    • python-cherrypy3 This is application engine as wll as HTTP server.
    • mini-httpd gitweb package (or web application) requires 'httpd'. python-cherrypy3 doesn't provides 'httpd' with unknown …
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  2. Maintain web site using Git

    I had a problem for www.gniibe.org. I started this site in 2002.

    When needed, I just put some files onto the htmldocs. That was THE publishing process. This is simple process, but this is bad process. Because of this process, the site became unmaintained.

    Put everything into repository …

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  3. README of Unguent


    This tool is written in Python as an application of CherryPy.

    In winter, I use some unguent for our children to keep their skin smooth.

    My web process has been not that smooth. It was basically unmaintained, a kind of put only. For my new web, I wish to …

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