1. 2020-10-01

    micro-SD card which contains the copy of git.gniibe.org

    micro-SD card

    For those who need source code by physical media, Flying Stone Technology sells a microSD card (with SD card adapter) which contains all repositories at git.gniibe.org.

    It includes the hardware designs of FST-01/G/SZ, FSM-55, thread library Chopstx, the firmware implementation of Gnuk, NeuG and …

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  2. 2018-08-23
  3. 2018-08-23
  4. 2016-10-24


    飛石技術の名前(英文名称: Flying Stone Technology)は、近所の「岩神稲荷神社」(別名: 飛石稲荷)から名付けました。

    こちらが2014-09-30の朝の岩神稲荷神社です。交差点の東側か …

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