micro-SD card which contains the copy of git.gniibe.org

micro-SD card

For those who need source code by physical media, Flying Stone Technology sells a microSD card (with SD card adapter) which contains all repositories at git.gniibe.org.

It includes the hardware designs of FST-01/G/SZ, FSM-55, thread library Chopstx, the firmware implementation of Gnuk, NeuG and TTXS, and the HTML and the source of this web pages.


The price is JPY1000 for a single media including tax and shipment in Japan. Please use YUUBIN-FURIKAE account of Flying Stone Technology below. Note that the account name is in Japanese (which means: Flying Stone Technology).

On the form of YUUBIN-FURIKAE, you specify your address and you can write some message. The media will be sent to your address written in the form.

  • Account No: 00110-2-346446
  • Account name: Tobiishi Gijutsu (飛石技術 in Japanese)


Please note that the on-line contents in the repositories will be updated after I make the copy. So, the contents in the media may be always somewhat older than on-line version.

Version History

2020-10-01: 2020-10 Version is available.

2019-05-22: 2019-05 Version is available.

2018-11-25: 2018-11 Version is available.

2018-08-23: 2018-08 Version is available.

2018-01-23: 2018-01 Version is available.

2017-02-02: 2017-02 Version is available.

2016-10-17: 2016-10 Version is available.

2015-09-18: 2015-09 Version is available.

2015-08-06: 2015-08 Version is available.

2015-07-21: 2015-07 Version is available.

2015-03-17: 2015-03 Version is available.