Maintain web site using Git

I had a problem for I started this site in 2002.

When needed, I just put some files onto the htmldocs. That was THE publishing process. This is simple process, but this is bad process. Because of this process, the site became unmaintained.

Put everything into repository

In 2011, I decided to maintain the site with Git. New publishing process is very common process for developers as software development (with Git). That is,

  • write/modify/enhance
  • test locally
  • push to public

post-receive hook

I use following post-receive hook under git/

cd /home/gniibe/ && env -i git pull; env -i git submodule update
if [ -e /tmp/ ]; then kill -HUP `cat /tmp/`; fi

Second line is to let Unguent reload pages.