1. SOS in OpenPGP

    I was not able to describe SOS itself accurately in ECC in OpenPGP by SOS.

    So, this article is to augument the explanation.

    SOS is a suggestion to OpenPGP implementations to address the zero removal/recovery problem. I know that implementations already handle it by adding zero recovary for Ed25519 …

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  2. ECC in OpenPGP by SOS

    In this article, I try to explain a specific way to improve current (as of March 2021) situation of OpenPGP with regards to EdDSA and ECDH with modern curves.

    Specifically, I suggest a way to introduce SOS. But even if you won't introduce SOS methodology into your implementation of OpenPGP …

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  3. ECC in OpenPGP (as of March 2021)

    In this bug report, I describe how we can improve OpenPGP specification for ECC, so that different implementations can inter-operate well, and an implementation can avoid a bug. Here, my focus is ECC.

    Firstly, I point out the single issue: Opaque Data Element should be available in OpenPGP. I name …

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  4. Creating newer ECC keys for GnuPG

    Here is an explanation of how to create your new ECC keys for GnuPG.

    GnuPG 2.1.x supports ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography). ECC is generic term and security of ECC depends on the curve used. Unfortunately, no one wants to use standardized curve of NIST.

    Since GnuPG 2.1 …

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