1. Flying Stone Tiny 01SZ Test Plan

    We need to specify a test plan to manufacture a board. In order to encourage designing and manufacturing by yourselves, we show our test plan for Flying Stone Tiny 01SZ here.

    This makes the reproducibility better, I suppose.

    In my opinion, free hardware design should have a test plan to …

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  2. Flying Stone Tiny 01 revision SZ

    Today, I have another revision "SZ", where "SZ" stands for "ShenZhen".

    Minimalist design and the philosophy of "keep it simple stupid" are same. You see, this is important to minimize possible attack surface.

    Update is required for three reasons:

    • USB A connector is considered difficult thing these days

      USB A …

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  3. FST-01 support pages

    I decided to put information about FST-01 here. You can also follow tag of 'fst-01' to see pages including memorandums.

    We had Askbot Q&A site at no-passwd.net, but it didn't work as I had expected (and it's now static copy after migration to another server).

    I had expected …

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  4. How can I install Gnuk on FST-01 with NeuG 1.0.5?

    Q: I got another FST-01 with NeuG 1.0.5 installed. As I need Gnuk Token, I want to reflash. How can I install Gnuk without SWD debugger?


    SWD debugger is not the absolute requirement, since NeuG supports firmware upgrade.

    However, please note that the feature of firmware upgrade …

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