FST-01 support pages

I decided to put information about FST-01 here. You can also follow tag of 'fst-01' to see pages including memorandums.

We had Askbot Q&A site at no-passwd.net, but it didn't work as I had expected (and it's now static copy after migration to another server).

I had expected people use the Q&A site effectively, but most of questions came to my e-mail directly, and I had to use pseudonym to post Questions on behalf of them (to share information).

So, I think that it's better and simple to maintain its information at gniibe.org.

The Q&A entries are going to move to here gradually, with updated content, on demand (when I am asked again).

Once, we have a dynamic site...

Most users who 'use'-ed our askbot site was spammers, in fact. Askbot has a feature to allow editing posts before login, and it seemed that spammers misunderstood as if their private posts were public, and kept submitting anonymous (unpublished) posts. Database grew daily.