How can I install NeuG on FST-01 with Gnuk 1.0.1?

Q: I got another FST-01 with Gnuk 1.0.1 installed. As I need hardware random number generator (instead of another Gnuk Token), I want to use this FST-01 with NeuG overriding Gnuk. How can I install NeuG? Do I need SWD debugger?


SWD debugger is not the absolute requirement, since Gnuk supports firmware upgrade.

However, please note that the feature of firmware upgrade is somewhat experimental. When you will get some failure during your firmware installation, you will need SWD debugger. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. It is best to try firmware upgrade after you get SWD debugger.

Here, I describe the firmare upgrade feature of Gnuk and an easy way for fresh FST-01 with Gnuk 1.0.1.

The firmware upgrade feature of Gnuk

Gnuk supports firmware upgrade by reGNUal. It works following steps.

  1. User register RSA public key to Gnuk Token for firmware upgrade
  2. When User wants firmware upgrade, user sends the GET_CHALLENGE command then the EXTERNAL_AUTHENTICATE command to Gnuk Token from host PC to authenticate. The EXTERNAL_AUTHENTICATE command message consists of signature (of challenge) by corresponding RSA private key.
  3. When Gnuk Token receives the EXTERNAL_AUTHENTICATE command message and validates signature successfully, Gnuk finishes its normal operation and goes to enter mode of loading special program onto RAM.
  4. Host PC sends reflashing program (reGNUal) to Gnuk Token.
  5. Gnuk clears up all content of flash ROM (but first 4KiB of system) at the end of receiving special program and transfers its control to reGNUal.
  6. reGNUal on Gnuk Token receives new firmware image from host PC and writes to each page.
  7. Done.

Bulding reGNUal

You need to compile reGNUal.

$ pwd
$ cd src
$ ./configure --vidpid=234b:0000
$ cd ../regnual
$ make

Then, you should have regnual.bin.

Invoking configure with FSIJ's USB ID (234b:0000) means that you are using FSIJ's USB ID (for reGNUal in this case). Please note that FSIJ only allows use of its USB ID for specific situations. Please read README of Gnuk about that.

In the source code distribution of 1.0.4 (or current development version) of Gnuk, there is a tool named ''.

This is an easy tool to hide lengthy steps from user and allow user firmware upgrade only by password of Gnuk Token.

Before running the script, you need to kill scdaemon:

$ gpg-connect-agent "SCD KILLSCD" "SCD BYE" /bye

The command line invokation above assumes that you properly configure your environment for Gnuk Token.

How to run the script:

$ cd tool
$ ./ ../regnual/regnual.bin ../../neug/src/build/neug.bin

Then, the script on your host PC invoke the steps described above, and you will get NeuG installed.

Note that you need proper configuration for permission of Gnuk Token (udev setting). It should have lines something like:

# Gnuk Token by FSIJ

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ACTION=="add", \
  ATTRS{idVendor}=="234b", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0000", \

I have those lines in /etc/udev/rules.d/69-gnuk.rules.

You can also specify -p option to enter your password (other than factory setting).

If you already have configured another upgrade key installed, you can specify different slot by -k <slot_no> option.