1. MTA settings accepting SSMTP for submission

    These days, it's getting hard to send e-mail.

    For FSIJ members, MTA at fsij.org accepts SMTP connections at port 465 (submission) or 587 (ssmtp).

    We are using Exim4 as MTA and here are the settings for accepting e-mail submissions.

    We create a file named conf.d/main/02_exim4-config_ssmtp_submission.

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  2. MTA settings with alias entries by SQLite

    We use Django application, and we use it's DB file for e-mail aliases.

    The settings are by conf.d/router/402_exim4-config_virtual_sql.

    # members@fsij.org
      driver = redirect
      domains = fsij.org
      condition = ${if eq {$local_part}{members}{yes}{no}}
      data = ${lookup sqlite {/home/fsij/django/fsij/fsij.db \
               select email …
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