1. Flying Stone Mini 55

    Here is the idea of small computer of mine with tiny display. Its intended usage is something like GNU GPL LED Display.

    The capability of this computer is less than Flying Stone Tiny 01, but it has a display.

    The name

    Flying Stone Mini 55 is the name of the …

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  2. Structure of (the) random pool network

    Now, we are running an experimental random pool network.

    Here, I describe the current shape of the network, and possible enhancement to the network.

    The structure is like this:

     <HWRNG>        (0)
    [supplier] ---> [root]
           ^   (1)  ^
           |       /
        (3)|      / (2)
           |     /
           V    /

    Type of nodes

    Currently, there are three kinds of nodes:

    1. Root nodes …

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  3. Bandwidth estimation of the network

    While I have been developing NeuG, I realize that I can't answer to the simple question: "How much entropy is needed (per day)?"

    Only I know that when creating GnuPG's key(s), it takes too long with no device (being asked to type), but it's soon with NeuG standalone device …

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