Flying Stone Mini 55

Here is the idea of small computer of mine with tiny display. Its intended usage is something like GNU GPL LED Display.

The capability of this computer is less than Flying Stone Tiny 01, but it has a display.

The name

Flying Stone Mini 55 is the name of the computer. In short, FSM-55. As it's size is bigger than tiny, it's mini. And "55" comes from its 5x5 LED matrix display.

Minimalist design

FSM-55 is battery powered device, with 5x5 LED matrix display.

The Chip

The chip for FSM-55 is STM32F030F4. Flash ROM is 16KiB, SRAM is 4KiB, in the TSSOP20 package (6.4mm x 6.5mm)

LED Matrix Display

It's 5x5 LED Matrix Display. It's enough to allow hackers fly.

User Interface

Only a reset button is available. When it is pushed, it runs. Finished, it goes to standby mode.

Debug Interface

Debug Interface is SWD. For SWD connection, five pins are available:

  • GND
  • VDD
  • NRST

Hardware Options

It runs with internal RC oscillator at 8MHz. If it's really needed, users could put XTAL by themselves.

Users could put a CIR (consumer infra-red) module to PB1, too.

Conceptual Figure

It will be double-sided PCB.

Here is a figure.

                 25.4mm = 1inch
       Resistors     --> <--
               . * * * * *  LED matrix
               . * * * * *  5x5
               . * * * * *
               . * * * * *
               . * * * * *
(Optional XTAL        . Capacitor
   &Capacitors): +---+ +-+
                 |MCU|.+-+ RESET BUTTON
               : +---+  Resistor
      SWD pins :      : (Optional CIR)

Back-side: CR2032 holder (3V battery)

We will use SMD LED chips of size 0805, or of size 0603.