1. Flying Stone Tiny 01 implementation

    Finally, we finished the design of FST-01.

    Components of FST-01

    • STM32F103TB
    • SPI Flash memory (32Mbit)
    • USB Terminator
    • LDO Regulator (3.3V)
    • 12MHz XTAL
    • LED
    • Extension port of VDD/GND/Port0/Port1
    • USB plug A


    MCU is one of Cortex-M3 based ARM by STMicroelectronics …

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  2. 0.5mm pitch QFP Hand Soldering for FST-01

    STM32F103CB, which is TQFP 48-pin

    For the first experimental version of FST-01, I use STM32F103CB, 48-pin TQFP chip.

    PCB Design constraint

    For FST-01 size (26mm x 13mm, approximately), I needed to have smaller pad pattern of 48-pin TQFP than recommended footprint.

    This is not good. For hand soldering, pad pattern …

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  3. Building USB (barebone) SWD Debugger

    I am building DIY SWD debugger for my project. As it seems it works somehow, I am writing this document.

    It is not fully tested yet, because software is not ready. Just I tested with current version of Tomek Cedro's modification of OpenOCD. It got IDCODE=EE2805D8 successfully.

    SWD (Serial …

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