0.5mm pitch QFP Hand Soldering for FST-01

STM32F103CB, which is TQFP 48-pin

For the first experimental version of FST-01, I use STM32F103CB, 48-pin TQFP chip.

PCB Design constraint

For FST-01 size (26mm x 13mm, approximately), I needed to have smaller pad pattern of 48-pin TQFP than recommended footprint.

This is not good. For hand soldering, pad pattern is better to be longer.

Articles for hand soldering (in Japanese)

I read following two articles.

Technical points

  • Positioning of IC is most important. It would be good to use good glue.
  • Loupe is needed (for me). I use head loupe of 2x.
  • Touch the head of soldering iron to pad pattern of PCB, not to lead of IC.
  • Solder wick is our friend.
  • We don't need solder paste, but it would be good to use it.

My conclusion