1. Experiments with Gomti

    Running the RNG to evaluate the output

    In the Gomti collection, there are a few Verilog implementations for multiple targets. Currently, those implementations are under evaluation.

    The RNG is "bare" version, with no conditioning component. That is, in the actual use case, it is assumed that adding conditioning component after …

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  2. Gomti, the collection of rational numbers (continued)

    Asynchronous RNG output

    The first and the second entries are designed in a way that all components are clocked by CLK. These ones are straightforward. However, the parameter Kd can be even, which results sensitivity to jitter bad.

    Another variant is possible, to allow Kd can be odd. It is …

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  3. Gomti, the collection of rational numbers (more)

    Use of XOR accumulator

    I draw another schematics, the main part is like following.

    The first part of 240-127-120 (accumulator)

    Instead of a shift register and a set of xor gates, it only uses an accumulator and a single xor gate.

    The shift register was used because I had an idea of changing the shift register …

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  4. Gomti, the collection of rational numbers

    I start a project, named Gomti. It's a collection of configurations and implementations to build a PLL-based true random number generater (TRNG). The central part of Gomti is actually, curated rational numbers to build PLL RNG.

    The name

    The name "gomti" is an acronym to remember the first part of …

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