1. Flying Stone Mini 55 Test Plan

    We need to specify the test plan to manufacture the board. In order to encourage designing and manufacturing by yourselves, we show our test plan for Flying Stone Mini 55 here.

    As of August 2014, free software tool to program MCU's flash ROM is not yet ready (for reset signal …

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  2. Flying Stone Mini 55 and its purpose

    The purpose of FSM-55 is to encourage more people to join development of free software and free hardware design.

    Its features are intentionally (quite) limited, so that people can design their own boards by themselves.

    The experience around FST-01

    We developed FST-01 in 2011 and we have been selling since …

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  3. Flying Stone Mini 55 implementation

    Finally, we finished the design of FSM-55.

    Its size is about 5cm x 5cm, with 5x5 LED matrix, 5 resistors and 5 capacitors.

    When you pronounce it, please say, F-S-M "Go" "Go", since "Go" is the pronunciation of 5 in Japanese.

    Components of FSM-55

    • MCU: STM32F030F4
    • Cell battery holder: BAT-HLD-001-THM …
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