1. 0.5mm pitch QFP Hand Soldering for FST-01

    STM32F103CB, which is TQFP 48-pin

    For the first experimental version of FST-01, I use STM32F103CB, 48-pin TQFP chip.

    PCB Design constraint

    For FST-01 size (26mm x 13mm, approximately), I needed to have smaller pad pattern of 48-pin TQFP than recommended footprint.

    This is not good. For hand soldering, pad pattern …

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  2. Building USB (barebone) SWD Debugger

    I am building DIY SWD debugger for my project. As it seems it works somehow, I am writing this document.

    It is not fully tested yet, because software is not ready. Just I tested with current version of Tomek Cedro's modification of OpenOCD. It got IDCODE=EE2805D8 successfully.

    SWD (Serial …

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  3. Flying Stone Tiny 01

    Here is the idea of very small computer of mine. Its intended usages are Gnuk, and/or NeuG.

    The company name

    First, the name of company is important, even if it is not (yet) legal entity.

    It is named "Flying Stone Technology" after my place in Maebashi.

    And the ASCII …

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