1. (Possible) firmware upgrade feature of Gnuk

    It would be good when Gnuk token supports some sort of "firmware upgrade" feature, which doesn't require any additional hardware such like JTAG/SWD debugger.

    Then, users will be able to upgrade the Gnuk firmware.

    To support firmware upgrade of Gnuk Token, I am considering adding the feature to Gnuk …

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  2. DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) consideration

    There is an opinion that a device like FST-01 should have DFU which allows users (developers) to update its firmware.

    Yes, some boards (STBee and STBee Mini, for example) have DfuSe (DFU with STmicroelectronics' extension) installed, which eases developments. Developers are not required to have JTAG/SWD debuggers but can …

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  3. Flying Stone Tiny 01 implementation

    Finally, we finished the design of FST-01.

    Components of FST-01

    • STM32F103TB
    • SPI Flash memory (32Mbit)
    • USB Terminator
    • LDO Regulator (3.3V)
    • 12MHz XTAL
    • LED
    • Extension port of VDD/GND/Port0/Port1
    • USB plug A


    MCU is one of Cortex-M3 based ARM by STMicroelectronics …

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