1. 2011-04-04

    Git submodule

    So far, I didn't have opportunity to use Git submodule. In 2011, I have one and will have another.

    Use of Git submodule (case 1)

    The site www.gniibe.org runs on CherryPy and I maintain its CherryPy application named Unguent with Git. As written in Git for website, I …

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  2. Installing Debian Squeeze

    My (somewhat not new) notebook PC

    I have a notebook PC, that is, Dell Latitude X1. I replaced its Toshiba 1.8 inch hard disk drive to Compact Flash 64GB 450X (with CF to 50-pin IDE adaptor).

    Since it is a good opportunity, I install Debian Squeeze to this machine …

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  3. Running services behind firewall

    This web service is running at my home. The network structure is like:

    Internet <-+
                 |    Internal network
                               |                |
                            +------+          +----+
                            |Sheeva|          | PC |
                            +------+          +----+

    I am running the web service on Sheeva on port 8080.

    Since the router gets dynamic IP address, I need to use nusupdate to update an entry of DNS A records …

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  4. UPnP and running a web service behind firewall

    Here, I describe what I did now, but it seems that I need to run gupnp.igd process to watch change of external IP address...

    UPnP Python Script

    I wrote a python script to update port forwarding of my home router. It sets three port forwardings, one is external:80 …

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