1. Running NIST STS 2.1.1 on NeuG True RNG (2)

    NeuG 0.05 was released, and I have a USB memory which says "64GB" capacity. This USB memory is a bit bigger than the one I used, and it can have 500 files of 125MB (=1,000,000,000 bits, that is for 1,000 samples of 1,000,000-bit …

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  2. Connecting ST-Link/V2 to STM32 part of STM8S Discovery Kit

    ST-Link/V2 is not-so-expensive JTAG/SWD debugger.

    I use ST-Link/V2 with SWD to connect STM32 part of STM8S Discovery Kit.

    The connection

    Here is the top view of STM8S Discovery Kit:

    CN5 of STM32 part of  STM8S Discovery Kit
        TnRST          8 7  GND       <---------- BLUE
        TDI            6 5  TMS/SWDIO …
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  3. Running NIST STS 2.1.1 on NeuG True RNG

    In papers, we can see people use NIST STS test suite to evaluate RNG.

    However, I think that many people just evaluate short sequences, less samples, or only for several times (most are just a single time).

    Perhaps, it is because people have tendency to report "SUCCESS", not facts.

    Well …

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  4. SWD connection to FST-01

    FST-01 has SWD port to write flash ROM of MCU.

    There had been no good SWD debugger (hardware and software) in the past. Now, ST-Link/V2 is available, and it is not expensive.

    While waiting new OpenOCD release which supports ST-Link/V2, I wrote tool/stlikv2.py to write Gnuk …

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