1. Installing Gnuk to STM32 part of STM8S Discovery Kit


    Note that once you install Gnuk to its STM32F103,there is no way to recover to original state. That is, you cannot use the feature of USB dongle for STM8S any more.

    You have JTAG debugger which uses FTDI 2232D.

    You installed OpenOCD.

    You have source code of Gnuk …

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  2. Key import from PC to Gnuk Token

    This document describes how I put my keys on PC to the Token, and remove keys from PC.

    Note that there is no ways to export keys from the Token, so please be careful.

    If you want to import same keys to multiple Tokens, please copy .gnupg directory before. In …

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  3. Key import from PC to Gnuk Token (no removal)

    This document describes how I put my keys on PC to the Token without removing keys from PC.

    The difference is just not-to-save changes after key imports.

    After personalization, I put my keys into the Token.

    Here is the log.

    I invoke GnuPG with my key (4ca7babe) and with --homedir …

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  4. Personalization of Gnuk Token


    When I personalize the Token, I do that on different terminal.

    $ x-terminal-emulator

    and I don't use gpg-agent for the personalization and I kill scdaemon so that it doesn't interfere to normal operations.

    $ unset GPG_AGENT_INFO
    $ killall -9 scdaemon
    $ killall -9 scdaemon
    scdaemon: no process found

    Personalize your Gnuk Token

    Invoke …

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