1. Card Holder Certificate on Gnuk Token

    Note that Card Holder Certificate is not yet well supported by the combination of pcsc-lite and GnuPG (bug fixes are needed now).

    Note that client certificate is not that common.

    Card Holder Certificate (optional/experimental)

    Suppose I am at the directory of gnuk-0.12/src.

    I did :

    $ ../tool/gnuk_put_binary.py …
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  2. Gnuk Token を入れる袋を編む

    Gnuk Token を持ち運ぶのに袋を編みました。

    初心者なのでうまく説明することができませんが、記録として書いておきます …

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  3. Using Gnuk Token with another computer

    This document describes how you can use Gnuk Token on another PC (which is not the one you generate your keys).

    Note that the Token only brings your secret keys, while .gnupg directory contains keyrings and trustdb, too.

    Fetch the public key and connect it to the Token

    Using the …

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  4. Building Gnuk for STM32 part of STM8S Discovery Kit

    Building Gnuk is not that hard after you have GNU Toolchain for ARM. This document shows exact log for your information.

    Please read README of Gnuk. Given you have the source code of Gnuk, it's simple: configure and make.


    We go to src directory at first, and invoke configure …

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