1. Bandwidth estimation of the network

    While I have been developing NeuG, I realize that I can't answer to the simple question: "How much entropy is needed (per day)?"

    Only I know that when creating GnuPG's key(s), it takes too long with no device (being asked to type), but it's soon with NeuG standalone device …

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  2. Kun9BE4, The Random Pool Network

    I started to develop random pool network. It's name is Kun (Unicode # is 9BE4), the legendary fish.

    We moved our server to France, and it's now VPS instance.

    I don't have enough experience using VPS instance, and my first concern is its entropy source. Kun was introduced because of this …

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  3. Running NIST STS 2.1.1 on NeuG True RNG (4)

    NeuG 1.0 was released.

    With standalone NeuG device of FST-01, I gathered 500 files of 125MB (=1,000,000,000 bits, that is for 1,000 samples of 1,000,000-bit sequence).

    Then, I ran the test suite over 500 files, while a single file has 125MB. All parameters …

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  4. PolarSSL and RSA blinding

    I have made a patch for PolarSSL. But it seemed not to be included.

    Also, I wrote to the authors of the paper in October, but I haven't got any reply, unfortunately.

    So, I am writing here, my thought around the improvement as a record.

    Note that this changes are …

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