1. Sheeva1 server setup

    After successful installation of Debian Squeeze, I configure the server.

    Then, I found an issue for networking.

    The setup process is basically similar to Sheeva0 server setup.

    But for this machine, I use existing pre-installed SD card for installation of Debian Squeeze. When I create rootfs, I copy the contents …

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  2. Sheeva0 server setup

    Using Kuro Sheeva, I run a host named sheeva0.

    It runs ssh, exim4, and bind.


    I edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts.

    More packages

    I installed following packages.

    • sa-exim
    • spamassassin
    • ntp
    • fail2ban
    • dovecot-imapd

    Note that installing sa-exim doesn't mean installing spamassassin. It is because sa-exim only use spamc, the …

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  3. Gitweb supports Japanese?

    When I browse a ReST document in Japanese, I got following error on console.

    [Thu Apr 21 11:09:15 2011] gitweb.cgi: Wide character in FCGI::Stream::PRINT at /usr/lib/perl5/FCGI.pm line 95, <$fd> line 6.

    And generated HTML page is wrong.

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  4. Caching Tool and WSGI app

    I found that Caching Tool does nothing for applications attached by cherrypy.tree.gfaft (in CherryPy 3.1.2).

    When log.screen configuration is True, CherryPy usually emits log to standard output. It's like: - - [13/Apr/2011:16:58:19] "GET /memo HTTP/1.1" 200 …
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