Running NeuG standalone device on Windows

Yesterday (2013-11-13), I gave my niece a NeuG device as a gift.

But, she is one of victims who can only use PC with Windows. Thus, I tried to find how to use it on the PC in her home.

INF file is needed

I realized that the CDC/ACM driver is available on Windows, but we need INF file to use this driver.

I found one example in

For NeuG stand alone device, I added ",USBVID_234B&PID_0001" at line 93 and line 96.

Once installed this INF file, NeuG device can be accessed as COM device (in our case, it's COM3).

PowerShell script to access COM3

She has the PowerShell installed.

We tested a following script:

$port = new-Object System.IO.Ports.SerialPort COM3,115200,None,8,one

We found that RtsEnable=1 is needed. Without this, we couldn't get output from the device.

Each call of $port.readByte() returns a random number from NeuG.


OK, it works!

Application to actually use random numbers will be left to her, as an exercise in programming.