1. 2011-04-04

    Git submodule

    So far, I didn't have opportunity to use Git submodule. In 2011, I have one and will have another.

    Use of Git submodule (case 1)

    The site www.gniibe.org runs on CherryPy and I maintain its CherryPy application named Unguent with Git. As written in Git for website, I …

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  2. Publishing Git Repository

    Installing tools

    To publish Git repositories on Debian, I do:

    # apt-get install git-daemon-run

    To enable web browsing of Git repositories, I do:

    # apt-get install gitweb libcgi-fast-perl libfcgi-procmanager-perl

    Note that I run gitweb as Fast CGI service.

    The package git-daemon-run is to invoke git-daemon. After installation of git-daemon-run and gitweb, I …

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