PocketBeagle setup for BBG-SWD

PocketBeagle is a nice hardware. It's good for novice users to use the Debian image for PocketBeagle, but for real use, it contains a lot. It's too much for me.

So, I removed most of "useful" things like Cloud9, Bonescript, node.js, etc.

Default configuration enables two network interfaces, USB modem, and USB Mass Strage Class device. It's also too much for me. In my configuration, I only enable USB modem and single network interface.

I install "bone" kernel, instead of "ti-rt", because BBG-SWD requires uio-pruss inteface.

For uio-pruss module, I need to enable the following line in /boot/uEnv.txt:


I don't use dhcpmasq, but install udhcp instead. This is because the simplicity and I use dhcpmasq on host PC. If I also use dhcpmasq on PocketBeagle, it's somehow confusing.

My nameserver configuration is using host PC for DNS server.

Future Work

I'm considering using P2_33 to detect the target board. By configuring:

echo gpio_input > /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp\:P2_33_pinmux/state

And then, run OpenOCD to flash the target board.