Bandwidth estimation of the network

While I have been developing NeuG, I realize that I can't answer to the simple question: "How much entropy is needed (per day)?"

Only I know that when creating GnuPG's key(s), it takes too long with no device (being asked to type), but it's soon with NeuG standalone device.

The random pool network will offer entropy, but how much capability is expected?

The capability of a single NeuG standalone device

With standalone device of NeuG 1.0, it can generate about 72KiB/s (something like 590kbps). It is: 259MB/hour, 6.22GB/day, and 187GB/month.

Hosting service with NeuG standalone device?

I feel that generation speed by NeuG standalone device is not that fast. However, when I consider hosting a server with NeuG standalone device, bandwidth matters.

(In Tokyo,) hosting service with bandwidth guarantee, the bandwidth itself costs something like: 100 USD/Mbps per Month.

1Mbps is less than two NeuG standalone devices, 100USD/Month is too expensive (for me).

While 72KiB/s would be not be that fast, feeding by network at this rate is considered not that small or negligible.

Experimental network

Having a single central server (physical server) is not my option, because of the reasoning of above section. Distributed network is the way to go.

That is, it is better for each person to have a host with NeuG standalone device and let it join the network from home. Even if there is no bandwidth guarantee, it works better. And I'd like to encourage more people to join the network in this way.

Currently, I am considering building an experimental random pool network. Perhaps, initial configuration would be: a host with NeuG standalone device at home, and a server (a VPS instance).