1. Sheeva0 server setup

    Using Kuro Sheeva, I run a host named sheeva0.

    It runs ssh, exim4, and bind.


    I edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts.

    More packages

    I installed following packages.

    • sa-exim
    • spamassassin
    • ntp
    • fail2ban
    • dovecot-imapd

    Note that installing sa-exim doesn't mean installing spamassassin. It is because sa-exim only use spamc, the …

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  2. Installing More Packages

    I install more packages to do the work for my sites.

    packages to maintain www.gniibe.org

    I install following packages to maintain www.gniibe.org.

    • python-cherrypy3 This is application engine as wll as HTTP server.
    • mini-httpd gitweb package (or web application) requires 'httpd'. python-cherrypy3 doesn't provides 'httpd' with unknown …
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  3. Installing Debian Squeeze

    My (somewhat not new) notebook PC

    I have a notebook PC, that is, Dell Latitude X1. I replaced its Toshiba 1.8 inch hard disk drive to Compact Flash 64GB 450X (with CF to 50-pin IDE adaptor).

    Since it is a good opportunity, I install Debian Squeeze to this machine …

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