SWD connection to FST-01

FST-01 has SWD port to write flash ROM of MCU.

There had been no good SWD debugger (hardware and software) in the past. Now, ST-Link/V2 is available, and it is not expensive.

While waiting new OpenOCD release which supports ST-Link/V2, I wrote tool/stlikv2.py to write Gnuk image to FST-01.

This article explains how I connect FST-01 and ST-Link/V2.

Making The Cables

I use Mac-8's XC-2 and 2.54mm pitch 2-pin connector to make the cables.

Here are those parts.

parts needed for the cables

I cut the wire of XC-2 to 12cm or so, and strip the ends.

XC-2 and modification

Then, I put receptacles to the wires and put them to connector(enclosure). Result is here.

The cables

Using the cables

Here is a pocture to connect FST-01 and ST-Link/V2 with the cables.

The cables

Note that I need to put the head of XC-2 by different directions, as the head is a bit bigger than the pitch of holes.

Green box is a USB Hub.