Distributing Flying Stone Tiny 01SZ as a kit

I have started to distribute FST-01SZ as a kit.

FST-01SZ Kit

What's in a bag?

On the FST-01SZ from factory, the firmware installed is: NeuG, the random number generator, version 1.0.9.

As shown in the photo above, the FST-01SZ Kit consists of an anti-electrostatic bag, FST-01SZ (the board in a shell), and the Metal Case. Optionally, it is accompanied by microSD card, which is a copy of git.gniibe.org.

My intention of this style of distribution

Optionally, microSD is in the bag, to ease a reseller; Accompanying the Corresponding Source to the device, it makes easier to comply the GNU GPL.

The board is in a shell. Here is a photo with the board.

FST-01SZ Kit showing the board

On the backside of the board, you can see the texts of "Flying Stone Technology", "FST-01SZ", and the logo of Flying Stone Technology.

FST-01SZ Kit showing the board backside

The product is distributed in this style, so that a user can make sure it's not a fake device.

User's responsibility

Thus, it is a user's responsibility:

  1. to examine the board
  2. to insert the board into the shell
  3. to close the shell by bending nails
  4. to put the shell (with the board inside) into the Metal Case

Here are photos to show these steps.

Insert the board into the shell

FST-01SZ Kit (inserting the board into shell)

Close the shell by bending nails

FST-01SZ Kit (closing the shell by bending nails)

Put the shell into the Metal Case

This last step requires a bit of force, since it's so tight. I suggest use of a plastic-tip hammer with cloth, if needed.

FST-01SZ Kit (put the shell into the Metal Case)