Publishing Git Repository

Installing tools

To publish Git repositories on Debian, I do:

# apt-get install git-daemon-run

To enable web browsing of Git repositories, I do:

# apt-get install gitweb libcgi-fast-perl libfcgi-procmanager-perl

Note that I run gitweb as Fast CGI service.

The package git-daemon-run is to invoke git-daemon. After installation of git-daemon-run and gitweb, I do:

# ln -s /usr/bin/sv /etc/init.d/git-daemon
# edit /etc/sv/git-daemon/run
# /etc/init.d/git-daemon restart

Editing the /etc/sv/git-daemon/run, I only offer --base-path=/home/gniibe/git to git-daemon.

I edit /etc/gitweb.conf so that it has:

$site_name = "Niibe's Git repo";
$projectroot = "/home/gniibe/git";
$site_header = "/home/gniibe/work/";

I add running gitweb service (as Fast CGI) in /etc/rc.local.

echo 'gitweb fcgi service starting.'
(cd /home/gniibe/ && su gniibe -c \
 'while true; do FCGI_SOCKET_PATH=localhost:6821 /usr/lib/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi -f;done'&)

Note that gitweb.cgi will serve 100 connections and exit. We need while loop to invoke it again.

Configure Unguent

I configure Unguent so that my repositories also can be served through http. I put following lines in ungent.conf:

tools.staticdir.on = True
tools.staticdir.dir = unguent.parent_dir + "/git"
tools.staticdir.disable_cache = True

Besides, I put following setting to [global] section:

gitweb = '/gitweb'

Since I put ungent under /home/gniibe/, ungent.parent_dir means /home/gniibe. So, goes to /home/gniibe/git/.

Things to be done for each repo

I need to configure each repository. Here is an example for Gnuk:

$ cd /home/gniibe/git
$ cd gnuk.git
$ touch git-daemon-export-ok
$ edit description
$ edit cloneurl
$ cd hooks
$ mv post-update.sample post-update

git-daemon-export-ok is needed for git protocol access by git-daemon.

When people browse repository by gitweb, the contents of description and cloneurl are displayed on the page.

post-update is needed for http access.