1. AC Power Control by USB Hub

    AC Power Control by USB Hub

    1. Purpose

    Rebooting remote system, AC Power Control is only reliable way.

    • Kernel sometime hangs, no way to reboot by command line.
    • Hardware RESET feature would be unreliable, especially for evaluation boards in testing phase. While CPU core will get reset signal, some other peripheral chips will not be get …
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  2. Controlling Akizuki 32x16 LED Matrix Display

    Akizuki 32x16 LED Matrix Display with ATmega


    For Google Summer of Code 2009, FSIJ had two projects for Akizuki 32x16 LED Matrix Display.

    That's because it is important to support hardware/device developments by Free Software, and we would like to expand the power of Free Software Movement. In the long run, it is for Free …

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  3. Readme.txt of akizuki-led-matrix-control-atmega

    Akizuki 32x16 LED matrix display with USB control
                                                            Niibe Yutaka
    This software is for controling Akizuki 32x16 LED Matrix display.
    We connect a Metaboard implementation to the display, and use V-USB
    software as the USB protocol stack (I'm using version 2009-04-15).
    While I am using ATmega168, ATmega88 would …
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